End-of-life vehicle recycling

In 15 minutes we will accept your vehicle for recycling and deregistrate it in the vehicle register of Transportation Authority (CSDD). Deregistration is for free. After the deregistration, you can return the remaining part of the tax (in the Tax Authority) and part of the insurance premium (from the insurer).

We accept vehicles of all types, batteries and scrap metal at Riga, 13A Granita street. We do deregistration of passenger vehicles and trucks up to 3.5 tons, tricycles and quadricycles.

1. At delivery of the vehicle for utilization it is necessary:

1.1. The presence of the owner or his legal representative (if the owner is a natural person, the power of attorney MUST BE notarized if the owner is a legal person - the power of attorney COULD BE WITHOUT notarization);

1.2. Driver's license, passport or ID;

1.3. Registration certificate (registration certificate). If not, please, inform about it in advance;

1.4. Bank account number.

2. If a legal ban is imposed on the vehicle, it is impossible to make deregistration of a vehicle.

3. If the vehicle is in working condition, it can be delivered independently, if not – the vehicle can bring a tow truck. The average price for the evacuation in the Riga region - 30 euros. Read more.

4. At acceptance site vehicle will be weighed. The vehicle can NOT be additionally loaded with non-metallic debris (old tires, glass, bumpers, construction and household debris, etc.). It is FORBIDDEN to fill the tanks of the vehicle with inappropriate materials or liquids (sand, oil, water in the gasoline tank, etc.).

5. Accepting the vehicle, the processor draws up an act of delivery of the vehicle for recycling. Submitting the vehicle, the owner guarantees that the body or part of it corresponds to the submitted documents, and do not exist other parts of the car-body that can be identified as the vehicle specified in the submitted documents. Otherwise, the owner shall be liable for all damages caused by a violation of this requirement.

6. After preparing of the act, the vehicle recycler makes deregistration in the CSDD register and an electronic liquidation certificate is automatically created. You can verify the deregistration on the CSDD home page, in the eCSDD section or by obtaining a certificate from the recycler (in person or by e-mail). Read more.

7. After delivery of the vehicle owner (or other person specified in the Act (see section 5)) will receive the appropriate payment to the specified Bank account.

8. The vehicle will be recycled in an environmentally friendly method by shredding. Read more.

Hand over the old car for disposal is profitable, reliable and environmentally friendly!

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