If the inspection period time is over, or the car is inoperable, it can be delivered by a tow truck. The owner does not have to accompany the tow truck. The driver of the tow truck on the spot can issue the necessary documents. You can make sure that the vehicle is deregistered on the CSDD website in the e-CSDD section or by receiving a certificate from the recycler (in person or by e-mail).

The average price for the evacuation in the Riga from EUR 50, in Riga region - negotiable. Evacuation does not require a separate payment – the required amount will be deducted from the payment for the delivery of the vehicle for recycling. When ordering a tow truck, you must: 

1. provide access to the car,

2. warn if car keys and/or registration certificate are not available,

3. ensure the presence of the owner (or his authorized representative),

4. agree on the date and time of the evacuation of the car,

5. please warn if wheels are missing or if they do not spin.

If a legal ban is imposed on the vehicle, it is impossible to make deregistration of a vehicle.

The vehicle can NOT be additionally loaded with non-metallic debris (old tires, glass, bumpers, construction and household debris, etc.).

It is FORBIDDEN to fill the tanks of the vehicle with inappropriate materials or liquids (sand, oil, water in the gasoline tank, etc.). 

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