We accept batteries and scrap metal at the address Riga, st. Granita 13A at the best price. The service of delivery of scrap metal is not provided.

Do not store scrap metal! Sell it at the best price!

The purchase of scrap metal occurs in accordance with the rules of KM No. 960 "Procedure for the purchase and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal", read more.

When handing over scrap metal, an individual must have an identity document - passport, ID or driver's license, bank account number.

Purchase of scrap metal from legal entities is made on the basis of invoice.

The fee for scrap metal is transferred ONLY to a bank account.

Due to its location and modern equipment, the company SIA “Auto pārstrāde” provides the most efficient processing of end-of-life vehicles and scrap metal. SIA “Auto pārstrāde” is located at Riga, Granita 13A, where SIA “Tolmets” has installed the most powerful shredding complex in the Baltic States (shredder), which is used to process end-of-life vehicles and scrap metal. This complex optimally prepares scrap for further processing. The shredder is essentially a mill in which the scrap metal is ground to small fragments. On the automated sorting line, the already crushed materials are sorted into categories: ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated, as well as illiquid materials.

SIA "Auto pārstrāde"Рег.№.50003716001Address: Granīta iela 13A, Rīga, LV-1057(C) - Auto pārstrāde, SIA - 2019