Accepting vehicle for recycling, at once we will deregistrate it in the transportation registry of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD). After deregistration you can return the remaining part of the road tax (in SRS) and part of the insurance premium (from the insurer).

Only a company that has entered into a contract with CSDD and who has access to the CSDD transport register can deregister the vehicle. SIA "Auto pārstrāde" is one of the first companies who have such access.

The liquidation certificate is drawn up only after the verification of the submitted documents and the vehicle. If a legal prohibition is imposed, deregistration is not possible. By calling CSDD 90004099, you can check for legal prohibitions.

Issuing a certificate without providing a vehicle for recycling is IMPOSSIBLE.

Recycler deregistrates:

  1. vehicles that are intended for the carriage of passengers who have no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat and at least four wheels;

  2. trucks with a gross weight of not more than 3.5 tons, which are provided for the carriage of goods and which have at least four wheels;

  3. tricycles;

  4. quadricycles.

You can make sure that the vehicle is deregistered on the CSDD website in the eCSDD section or by obtaining a certificate from the recycler (in person or by email).

The vehicle (cars and trucks up to 3.5 tons, tricycles and quadricycles) can be deregistered in CSDD:

  • FREE OF CHARGE, IF the vehicle was destroyed, lost, and no actions were taken in the register regarding this vehicle after December 31, 2009, namely registration or technical inspection was not carried out (the vehicle owner must provide a document confirming this fact at the time of cancellation);

  • paying a tax on natural resources in the amount of 165 euros. For example, if a vehicle was operated after 01/01/2010, but at the time of deregistration it does not exist in nature or its transfer to a specialized enterprise is impossible.

Trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons, buses, trailers, semi-trailers, motorcycles or mopeds deregisters in CSDD (Read more).

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