We are a professional team, motivated to take care of the

vehicle recycling in a nature-friendly way.

With the accession to the European Union and the need to recycle vehicles in accordance with EU standards, the two leading companies in their industries, SIA Tolmets (ferrous scrap metal) and AS BAO (hazardous waste management), in 2004 established SIA Auto pārstrāde in order to create an effective system for the disposal of old vehicles (old cars, bodies, etc.).

Actively working, SIA “Auto pārstrāde” became the largest processor of used vehicles in Latvia, annually processing more than 6.000 vehicles on average. The performance of the created system, the professional team and modern equipment (Schröder) allows processing all the used vehicles in Latvia. During the work of SIA “Auto pārstrāde” was constantly developed and improved, remaining the leading enterprise in its industry. Since 2005, SIA "Auto pārstrāde" has been directly cooperating with many car manufacturers (VW, BWM, General Motors, etc.), jointly ensuring compliance with the requirements of EU legislation. For work in this industry, SIA "Auto pārstrāde" received the necessary license and permission from the B category, entered into an agreement with the CSDD State Environmental Service. Since 2012, the company has been the only Latvian system for servicing the used vehicles (Read more).

Within the framework of the System, SIA "Auto pārstrāde" cooperates with almost all dealers of new cars and ensures the processing of Latvian expired vehicles, promoting mutually beneficial cooperation. In waste management, it relies on cooperation with its parent companies, especially on the SIA "Tolmets" shredder.


Professional attitude. Always ready to provide the necessary advice. Call and we will answer your questions and find the best solution even in difficult cases.

Always the best prices and bonuses. Thanks to its business model, professional team, SIA “Auto pārstrāde” can always offer customers the best prices, which constitute: high purchase prices, thanks to the proximity of the shredder; determination of the price based on actual weight without any deductions; free of charge deregistration.

Convenient order of acceptance. The philosophy of our work and attitude towards the client provides for the maximum to meet the client and adapt to the needs of the client. With our employees, you can agree on the time of the evacuation of the machine. Evacuating the car, documents can be issued on the spot without arriving at the office. Quickly pay.

The largest network of sites. The network of sites has been created so as to be easily accessible throughout the territory of Latvia. We are practically your neighbors. All you have to do is visit the nearest site or call for us or our partners to agree a visit to you.

Responsive attitude. We are responsive to customer requests. By agreement, we can remove the wheels or deregistrate your vehicle faster. You can be sure that your car will be promptly decommissioned and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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